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Tralea Books is a library of resources online search platform that provides online access to books sales support.

As the project investment changes, we have conducted numerous platforms revision from the original, to’s. Net version, we are now in the kind of community-based platform for wordpress , we have experienced a lot of fortune acid and pain, but also invested huge funds and manpower.

Books to read people’s lives supplies, but also the carrier of human knowledge. Beautiful woman in the book, the book house of gold. Reading is our family name, as well as human society, the common hobby. We create such a platform designed to help people find books, collectibles books, sharing the joy of reading. We hope that our efforts can get you recognition.

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Legacy data is butt Taobao, Taobao but screening mechanism for partner changes, it turned to Amazon products.

This is a product search platform that provides basic information of goods preview, related products, brand selection and other functions.

Such sites are generally not subject to search engines, but it is not absolutely no value, this channel can be a shopping portal (for their own site itself has a certain user group), which is such a role that has the value of existence.

In general, operational considerations, are achieved through Seo, other models may have been living beyond their means.